Smart Grid in High Voltage Valley

January 26, 2010

VINNOVA (The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) is a State authority supporting RESEARCH AND INNOVATION FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH is financing a Smart Grid project in High Voltage Valley within their program "IT for environment". The Smart Grid Research, Innovation and Demonstration (RID) platform at STRI in Ludvika will be the base for the different projects carried out by three major universities in Sweden, Uppsala, Luleå and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

The objective of the project is to establish needs, requirements and possibilities for efficient supervision and control of the power system in real time to facilitate introduction of more distributed generation with maintained power quality ensuring optimum methods for energy storage and balancing. The project will utilize the Smart Grid Research Innovation and Demonstration (RID) platform at STRI in Ludvika, which will be adopted for the different sub-projects. This is done in two steps. Step one is based on a "Smart Energy Container" integrating different types of "green" generation (Wind, Solar and Fuel cell) and different methods for energy storage (Batteries, Capacitors and Hydrogen). Charging of electrical vehicles and supply of hydrogen for hydrogen fuels vehicles will furthermore be integrated.

Step two will be done in cooperation with the regional grid operator, VB Elnät and will step up the size of the system by communication to existing wind power plants and a hydro power plant near Ludvika. This will allow evaluation of a balanced system on different scales. An efficient and fast communication will be essential for control and supervision of the complete system. This will be based on the work done at STRI with IEC61850 interoperability when this model now also is implemented for other areas in addition to Substation Automation. (Wind, Hydro and Process bus etc)

There are right now several initiatives going on within Smart Grid standardization to ensure interoperability. E.g. NIST in USA and IEC/SMB i Smart Grid Strategic Group. The STRI RID platform will be utilized to evaluate different methods for supervision, control, metering, generation, balancing and storage of intermittent production and use of electricity, including electrical vehicles. STRI is open to further cooperation with manufacturers, integrators and utilities who want to evaluate new products and solutions, especially for communication. For more information please contact Carl Öhlen,