STRI at Composite Insulation Conference, Tallinn

October 30, 2016

STRI recently participated in the International Conference, “Development of composite insulation, today & tomorrow”. This conference was organized in connection to the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Global Insulator Group (GIG) (, who produces of glass, porcelain and composite insulators and line fittings. The conference took place in Tallinn 6-7 October 2016, and attracted more than 50 participants.


The conference program included about 20 presentations covering the different aspects related to insulators, in particular to polymeric insulators. Typical issues were: trends in development, service experience, examples of application, new materials. The conference attracted users from Brazil, Hungary, Namibia, Pakistan, Venezuela and Vietnam; researchers and consultants from Canada, China, Germany, India, Norway, Russia and Sweden; and manufacturers of composite materials from different German companies. The representatives of GIG shared their innovative design of LSR-coated cap and pin insulator intended for polluted areas.

STRI’s Igor Gutman contributed with a presentation entitled: “Composite insulators today: application areas, service experience, new trends, need for revision of existing standards”. He was also active in official and unofficial discussions during both days of the conference.

Factory visit

During the second day of the conference a visit to the new GIG factory was organized. Igor Gutman was active during this visit, explaining for the participants the importance of quality control.

Igor Gutman during presentation.
Igor Gutman during factory visit.