Who are we?

WE ARE STRI - a leading independent company specializing in high voltage testing and consulting within high voltage technology and power system applications.

What do we do?

Our specialists and engineers deliver solutions to help improve performance, efficiency, reliability, profitability, and to minimize impact on the environment.

Who do we help?

Our clients are power grid companies, power producers, industries, railway companies, authorities, agencies and manufacturers of electrical equipment all over the world.

Where are we?

Our main offices and laboratory facilities are located in Ludvika, in Sweden’s High Voltage Valley. We also have branch offices in Gothenburg and Västerås.

Why choose STRI?

There’s no substitute for experience.

We have plenty of it!

  • Nearly 25 years since STRI began operations
  • State-of-the-art testing facilities and climate test hall with one of the highest performances in the world allowing pollution testing of 800 kV HVAC & HVDC equipment
  • Our engineers and specialists have a rich blend of broad and specialist skills and experience  in high voltage technology and consulting

Make the right choice – STRI

STRI Introduction

Some of our key milestones

Year Milestone
2015 STRI expands again. New test hall. New testing opportunities.
2014 STRI performed a unique full-scale DC voltage test on insulators regarding pollution and ice performance

29th IEC 61850 Hands-on Training with Multivendor IEDs

Sweden’s largest Smart Grid test lab

Nordic Smart Grid RD 2 RD&D


One million volt UHVDC world record!


Powerful expansion

The ultra HVDC specialist – 800kV HVDC – V-string in porcelain tested for corona and pollution, India


STRI celebrates 20 years in operation in HVV


World’s 1st 800 k V UHVDC testing completed at STRI

STRI launches Europe’s first independent interoperability lab for IEC 61850


Inauguration of unique testing site at STRI for 800 kV


STRI’s high voltage lab built