Power Integration

We perform advanced power system studies related to the integration of production and consumption (customers) into the power grid.

Studies include planning, upgrading and operation of nuclear and hydro generation units, other thermal units, wind and solar power, industrial distribution networks, and the transition to the smart grid. For example:

  • Simulations and analysis:
    • wind power, solar power and other types of distributed generation
    • auxiliary supply of Nuclear Power Plants and their interaction with power systems
    • integration of distributed generation, including power quality, reliability, protection coordination, stability, optimization, and Hosting Capacity
    • industrial electricity networks, including power quality, reliability, protection coordination, stability, optimization, fault currents, component loading and loadability, motor dynamics and motor starting, thermal and electromechanical strength of switchgear and cables
    • transition to the smart grid, including hosting capacity studies, energy storage, curtailment, dynamic line rating, use of smart-meter data, power quality issues related to power-line communication
  • Development and verification of connection agreements and Grid Code verification for all types of electricity production and for industrial installations
  • Availability, reliability and risk analysis studies for transmission and distribution systems and for components in those systems
  • Power Quality Studies, investigations, measurements and solutions for power transmission and distribution companies, large and distributed generators, and industrial customers
  • Transient and dynamic stability studies for transmission systems, for large production units and industrial installations, and for the large-scale integration of wind and solar power
  • Interaction between controlled devices like FACTS and HVDC and the power system, including interaction between converter-interfaced generation and the power system.