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Interconnection of Demonstration Facilities for Smart Grid Lab R&D

Lead and coordinate the work in Transnational Cloud for Interconnection of Demonstration Facilities for
Smart Grid Lab Research & Development
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Harmonic current measurement
at two converter stations

Performed measurement of harmonics at two converter stations. The aim was to investigate if the levels are within acceptable limits.

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Eskom Cape strengthening

Analysis of HVDC options to strengthen the transfer limits into the Cape area with respect to environmental impact and reliability of transmission lines.
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Toolbox for on-line risk-based
dynamic simulations

Lead and coordinate client’s participation in iTesla. Bring expertise in the field of dynamic safety assessment and to implement parts of the technical work in the project.
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JIP HVDC technology qualification

Joint Industry Program to establish "Recommended Practice" regarding qualification procedure for offshore HVDC technologies.
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Optimal methods for detection of internal defects in composite insulators

Extensive investigation using InfraRed (IR) diagnostics for inspection of line composite insulators.

Development of test matrix to reveal quality of glass cap and pin insulators

Identify suitable and practical test procedures that can be used to verify the quality of glass insulators.

Smart solutions for wind power

Risk analysis of smart solutions for wind power to increase wind power hosting capacity in subtransmission network.

Insulation coordination studies

Review of overvoltage control
measures applied at transmission substations.

Operating Agent for ISGAN

Participation in the project as an Operating Agent of the annex "Transmissions & Distribution Systems".

Compact split-phase lines for 400 kV

Conceptual design of various split-phase line configurations for reducing ground level magnetic fields in the vicinity of AC lines.

Development of new test to avoid water drop induced corona

Innovative laboratory test method for the verification of the composite insulation system design to avoid water induced corona on the surface.


Design pollution level of dimensioning in coastal area

Developed a new model for the severity level evaluation based on weather data calibrated by DDDG measurements.

Conceptual design of a Nordic 400 kV smart substation

Investigation of a fully digital substation design utilizing Disconnecting Circuit Breakers, Non Conventional Instrument Transformers and IEC 61850 digital process bus.

Corona assessement of
±350 kV HVDC line

Three-dimensional electric field calculations for bipolar or monopolar operating modes of a HVDC line with focus on the corona performance.
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Electrical design of the overhead line for the new HVDC connection Sydvästlänken with focus on insulation coordination.

Prosumers with demand-response, micro-perspective

Prosumers with demand-response, distribution network impact and mitigation.

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Conversion of AC overhead lines
to hybrid AC/DC lines

Electrical design including insulation dimension, corona, electrical field strength, ion current density, RIV and audible noise when converting AC overhead lines to "hybrid" AC/DC lines.

Verifying measurements at the Kalix convertor station

Verifying measurements of two converters in the Kalix converter station.

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Optimal selection and quality control of composite insulators for compact line

3D E-field calculations for complex compact designs.

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Reliability analysis
of a multi level HVDC VSC

Assessment of the relative reliability levels inherent in three Voltage Source Converter (VSC) HVDC designs.

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Innovative Rapid Flashover
Clean Fog Test

Innovative time- and cost-effective pollution test method for dimensioning of outdoor station insulation.

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HVDC course for the Big Glenn connection in Gothenburg

STRI held a course in HVDC for Göteborg Energi, with the purpose to increase understanding of their HVDC VSC facility "Big Glenn".

Optimal selection of insulators
for wet snow conditions

Development of full-scale innovative snow test to select optimal insulator design in wet-snow area.

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Test and evaluation
of energy storage

Examination of how the coming European Grid Codes could affect energy storage and how this in turn affects what needs to be tested.
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Combined ice/pollution
full-scale DC test

Evaluation of ice/pollution performance of full-scale DC insulation strings for 350 kV HVDC.

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Small signal stability
and PSS®E training

Small-signal stability analysis of the South African transmission network using PSS®E. Training of client's engineers for their participation in the study.

World-wide service experience
of composite apparatus insulators

World-wide service inspections of composite apparatus insulators.

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Modelling of
aggregated load in PSS/E

Developed a methodology to validate and improve the modelling of loads in PSS/E when performing network studies.

Transfer capability
of lines in the transmission network

Guide for the design of 220 and 400 kV overhead lines with focus on thermal capacity, surge impedance loading, audible noise and corona losses.

Review of
HTLS conductor designs

Feasibility study to establish optimal areas of application for high temperature low sag conductors on lines.
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Capacity analysis of the
power supply for railway system

Investigation of the power supply system and auxiliary power system capacity. Technical studies and expansion of the EFS system. Support in other power supply investigations.
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Insulation and corona design
of a monopolar 500 kV DC line

Design of overhead line for the new Fenno-Skan HVDC connection, including conductor selection with regard to corona and field effects, and insulator dimensioning.
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Studies for
Åmliden Wind Farm

Protection study, harmonic analysis, insulation coordination, and reactive power compensation studies for Åmliden Wind Farm.
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Feasibility study of upgrading
AC lines to DC

Feasibility study of upgrading Statnett's 300 kV AC lines to HVDC

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Conversion of Simpow models
to PowerFactory

Conversion of simulation models for three nuclear power plant units from the simulation software Simpow to PowerFactory.
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Review of thermal current limits
for overhead conductors

Recommendations for the selection of weather parameters for calculating maximum current levels with regard to maximum conductor temperature.

Electric field calculations
for Cape Corridor

Calculation of electric fields in series capacitor switchyard for Cape Corridor 765 kV.

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Stability and overvoltage study
on 380 kV cable link

Verification of the technical feasibility for a 380 kV cable link between two HVDC offshore platforms.

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Substation configuration
reliability studies

Reliability studies of different 400 kV substation configurations in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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Resonance phenomena
within transmission systems

Developed a three-step method for harmonic calculations without the need for harmonic measurements in transmission networks with long AC cables.
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Reliability study
methodology for HVDC grids

Presentation of a method for reliability studies of future HVDC grids by taking into consideration the fundamental differences between HVDC and EHVAC grids.

Reliability study
for 400 kV substation

Reliability calculations for different switchgear alternatives (conventional circuit breakers vs. disconnecting circuit breakers) for the planning of a new 400 kV substation.

Protection relay settings
at 30/40 kV substation

Calculation of short-circuit currents in new substation. Protection relay settings. Selectivity plans for 40/30 kV switchgear (adapted to relay protection settings in connecting 40 kV network).
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Insulation coordination
for overhead lines

Review of insulation coordination practices for overhead transmission lines.

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Diesel start

Simulation and analysis of sequence start of electrical equipment in diesel-secured network in a nuclear power plant when fed from diesel units.
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Assessment of risks from
the use of Dynamic Line Rating (DLR)

Developed a method for risk analysis of measurement methods for estimating the load capacity and sag of overhead lines.
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Test-bed - Energy supply
for modern mining

Study and demonstration on how the use of the existing electrical infrastructure can be maximized.

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Selectivity plans for short circuit
protection on 40 kV network

Updated selectivity plans for short circuit protections on a 40 kV network including proposal for new protections.

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review of Wintrack Mast

Review of a proposed novel transmission tower design based on composite materials with regards to electrical stressess from normal operation and transient overvoltages.

Quality Indices

Study of different ways to quantify the frequency quality of an interconnected power system.

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of statistical lightning overvoltages

Insulation coordination studies for several substations.

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load modelling

Literature study of voltage-dependent load model for implementing in PSS®E.

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coordination studies

Review of overvoltage control measures applied at substations.

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Examination of power quality
in regional network

Developed proposals for a more thorough supervision of the power quality of the client’s regional networks.

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of protective relays

In connection with the construction of a new 20 kV substation with 6 compartments on a pellet plant, STRI configured the protective relays of the substation.
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Modeling, simulation
and analysis of electric power system

Sensitivity analysis of client’s internal electric power system in a nuclear power station with regard to unsymmetrical conditions.
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Literature study - Modeling of generators for steady state studies

Described the advantages and disadvantages of different generator models for load flow and PV-curves calculations.
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Update of selectivity plan
and protective relay settings

New selectivity plan, settings for new generator protective relays, transformer and connection to existing 6 kV network at four power plants.
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Plant test

Verifying analysis on the extent to which the Simpow model of a Feed Water Pump reflects actual starting behaviour.
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substation technology

Investigations, implementation plans and mapping of commercial benefits with full digital communication between control unit and primary equipment in a 130 kV substation.
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