Material Testing

STRI can perform non-electrical testing on materials (e.g. resistivity, elongation at break) for cables and other high voltage products.

Testing can be done according to international and national standards e.g. IEC 60840 and IEC 62067. Materials that failed in service can also be analysed in the laboratory.


Medium Voltage Testing

STRI has two test cells for medium voltage testing. They are equipped with a 400 kV impulse generator and a 100 kV AC transformer. The cells cover a total of 100 m2 where type tests on cables and cable accessories can be carried out according to international, national and client specific standards; for example IEC 60502.

The test cells are also suitable for testing other MV products.

Pre-Qualification Test of HVDC and HVAC Cables

STRI has two indoor test facilities for prequalification testing according to Cigré TB 496, IEC 60840 and IEC 62067. The tests can be performed either in a test hall or in an underground test facility, both with controlled environment.

Different media such as water, soil etc. can be introduced in the test circuit. Requirements such as snaking and ducts can also be introducted into the test circuit. Maximum test voltages are 650 kV AC and 1050 kV DC. Heating with either AC or DC current is available.