Snow and Ice Testing

In the climate test hall snow and ice tests of insulators, apparatus, and conductors can be performed. Different types of snow and ice with client defined properties can be created.

It is also possible to combine pollution and ice tests. Insulators are first contaminated and then accreted by ice produced from water with certain conductivity. Tests can be performed on full scale AC and DC equipment. STRI also performs standard mechanical ice tests for disconnectors.

Dielectric Type Test of GIS Equipment, incl.Test Duty 1, 2 & 3

STRI has the capability to perform dielectric type tests on Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) such as breakers, disconnectors, busbars, etc, up to 1100 kV system voltage. These tests include Test Duty 1, 2 & 3 for making and breaking of bus-charging currents on disconnectors according to IEC 62271-102. Test Duty 2 can be performed with currents up to 2 A. For efficient testing the test bay can be mounted on a flexible mounting frame. This allows for even a large test bay to be moved while fully assembled.

Three phase testing of GIS up to 420 kV system voltage can be performed.


Ion Migration

STRI’s ion migration test facility enables clients to verify that insulators can cope with 50 years in operation and through varying temperatures. The test facility consists of an oven that can be heated to between 90°C and 150°C and has room to test 50 insulators simultaneously in accordance with IEC 61325 clause 18.