STRIís participation in ICOLIM-2017

18 May 2017

This year STRI’s participation in ICOLIM-2017 (Fig. 1), Strasbourg, France extended well beyond formal presentations. We were active in knowledge sharing via technical sessions, questions and answers, contributions, participation in poster sessions, participation in technical visit to the live-line training substation and networking.

STRI was directly involved in special Session dedicated to the Best Paths project. This is an ambitious research project which is funded by the European Commission, BEST PATHS, which focuses on the development of high-capacity transmission networks needed to meet Europe’s long-term energy goals and incorporation of renewable energy sources. The project unites expert partners around five large-scale demonstration areas focused on ensuring increased network capacity and system flexibility – incorporating innovative transmission systems and industrial solutions to link offshore wind farms and improve the interconnections of the entire power grid. STRI is involved in two parts of Demo 4 of the project, i.e. investigation of innovative insulating cross-arms and in dynamic line rating.

Conference and STRI’s participation

This time STRI’s representatives were co-authors in three papers (all papers were orally presented by Igor Gutman, STRI’s authors are shown in BOLD style):

  1. P. Sidenvall, I. Gutman, L. Carlshem, J. Bartsch: “A Round Robin Test of the Water Induced Corona Test”, ICOLIM-2017, Strasbourg, France, 26-28 April 2017, paper 0017
  2. J.-F. Goffinet, I. Gutman, P. Sidenvall: “Innovative insulated cross-arm: requirements, testing and construction”, ICOLIM-2017, Strasbourg, France, 26-28 April 2017, paper 0078
  3. E. Petersson: “Comparison of previous and most recent Cigré recommendation for thermal rating calculations of overhead lines”, ICOLIM-2017, Strasbourg, France, 26-28 April 2017, paper 0079

Technical visit to the live-line training substation

The Sheer substation used for the demonstration of live-line work is operating at 63-225-400 kV. The demonstration was carried out by the French TSO (RTE), French DSOs /ENEDIS and ESR) and by the teams from Hungarian and Croatian system operators. The live-line demonstration was carried on all three voltage levels using different techniques, including sky lifts (Fig. 2), helicopters (Fig. 3 and Fig. 4) and drones (Fig. 5). Igor Gutman documented the most interesting parts of the live-line inspection (Fig. 6).


From 1992, the Live Working Association (LWA) has organized conferences for experts dealing with the development and implementation of live work technology. At the ICOLIM 2014 conference (Budapest, Hungary) the French representation made a commitment to organize the 12th ICOLIM conference with the following partners: TSO (RTE), DSO (ENEDIS & ESR) and Electricity and Electronics Society (SEE). The 12th conference was held on the 26-28 April, 2017 in Strasbourg and collected more than 550 registered delegates. The next conference will be held in Italy.

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