Network Studies

In the field of network studies, we perform advanced services related to the upgrading and operation of power transmission and distribution systems.

We help our clients to select the correct technical solution. By discovering possible problems at the planning stage, appropriate measures can be taken to avoid them in real operation.

Examples of our involvement in network studies include:

  • Upgrading power transmission systems for new HVAC or HVDC transmission links. Calculations of load-flows, voltage distributions, losses, network recovery after faults, and stability
  • HVDC VSC offshore grids and wind power
  • Feasibility studies for HVDC/HVAC links
  • Insulation coordination studies based on transient voltage simulations
  • Short circuit current calculations
  • Selectivity calculations for relay protections for power networks
  • Reactive power compensation, covering sizing and placing such units, (FACTS as SVCs, Statcom etc) in a power network
  • Subsynchronous forsional interaction studies (SSR, SSTI)
  • Studies and calculations for power supply for railway system
  • Availability and reliability studies
  • Fault-tracing and power quality measurements in Power networks
  • Power Quality studies, investigations, mitigation methods and measurements for AC and DC networks.