Lines, Cables and Substations

Insulation coordination and reliability are important aspects in the design and application of overhead lines and substations.

Network utilities are expected to build power transmission lines and substations with less environmental impact. Compact design concepts are often desired. The concepts should be optimized for environmental and insulation performance, and tested and verified in the laboratory before application.

We conduct studies of new designs and to enhance existing infrastructure, for example voltage uprating and HVAC/HVDC conversion.

Dynamic rating of lines and substations together with on-line monitoring allows for smarter and more reliable operation, as well as the testing facilities for verifying the proposed solutions, for example:

  • Conceptual studies, prototype demonstrations and verification of overhead lines including cable transitions, voltage uprating and HVAC/HVDC conversion.
  • Electrical dimensioning and testing of substation equipment including compact design and reliability evaluation.
  • Statistical insulation coordination of air clearances with regard to lightning and switching over voltages
  • Line Performance Estimator (LPE) to optimize insulation for HVDC and HVAC lines for varying environment
  • Software and expertise for Dynamic Line Loading, EMF, audible noise, corona effects and grounding
  • Maintenance and diagnostics for cables, disconnectors, breakers etc.
  • Failure investigations of cables and cable accessories, line joints, circuit breakers etc.

Line Performance Estimator

Line Performance Estimator is a tool for statistical dimensioningof transmission line insulation. Read more...