Are you going to choose optimal outdoor insulation for a specific environmental application or plan the maintenance of insulators of any kind (glass, porcelain or composite)?

Insulation related issues are difficult to address, but at STRI we have all the resources to help our clients to choose the most optimized solution.

Our expertise includes:

  • Electrical dimensioning of optimal designs for insulators for overhead lines and substations based on pollution performance of insulators and environment in question. We provide  sophisticated pollution monitoring programs and data analysis and laboratory based insulator performance. We have also developed our own internationally verified ready-to-use software tools for availability estimations for overhead lines routing through various environments and using different insulators. Our LPE (Line Performance Estimator) takes into account pollution performance, ice performance and overvoltages. Our IST (Insulator Selection Tool) is used for the estimation of required insulator length and creepage distance in polluted conditions as a function of the required availability.
  • Verification of insulation performance using tracking/erosion and customized (standard and non-standard) pollution tests
  • Evaluation of quality of glass, porcelain and composite insulators and creation of customized advanced purchase specifications for different insulators
  • Selection of optimal design of corona/grading rings for composite insulators by E-field  3-D calculations and non-standard laboratory testing
  • Collection and analysis of service experience for different types of insulators including specific birds-induced and unknown reason outages
  • Ready-to-use guidelines for in-service inspections of insulators including visual inspections,  hydrophobicity inspections and IR inspections from a helicopter
  • Maintenance procedures for polluted insulators

Our recent projects include customized pollution (Europe, Africa, and India), snow (Japan, Norway) and ice (Iceland, Russia) testing providing our clients with detailed data for the optimal and practical selection of insulation for their specific environmental conditions.

Insulator Selection Tool

Insulator Selection Tool is a software tool for statistical dimensioning of insulators. Read more...

STRI Guides

STRI Guide 1  Download me! Download
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Hydrophobicity evaluation
STRI Guide 3  Download me! Download
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Field inspection of composite line insulators
STRI Guide 5  Download me! Download
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Types of damages/deterioration on composite insulators
STRI Guide 8  Download me! Download
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Grease evaluation