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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a type tets certificate issued by KEMA or CESI of test performed there worth more than a type test certificate issued by SATS of test performed at STRI?

No. All three laboratories are accredited laboratories, that should garantee that the results obtained are the same. SATS, CESI and KEMA are members of STL, and there is no ranking in this organisation, all are equal members.

Why should I choose a type tested product?

To ensure that the product of your choice fulfills the international requirement. Just a statement from the manufacturer is no guarantee that the products fulfills the requirements. Only impartial and traceable test can demonstrate this.

Why should I perform tests at an accredited laboratory?

To ensure that the tests have been made according to international requirements and that the received test report is recognised almost all over the world.

To ensure that the same results should be obtained if the test would be repeated in any other accredited laboratory all over the world.

How do I know if an accredited laboratory is accredited for the test I want to perform?

Together with every laboratories accreditation certificate and accreditation number there is a list, the so-called scope of accreditation. In this list it is described in detail for which tests the laboratory is accredited.

Why is it important to perform measurements traceable to international standards?

To ensure that the measurements can be repeated in any other accredited laboratory all over the world, with the same results. To ensure that the same international SI units are used.

Why should I choose for an accredited report?

To ensure that the test have been made by an accredited laboratory using accredited methods and that at least one of the tests has been performed inside the scoped of accreditiation.

One other reason is to ensure that the results of the test report are internationally recognised.

How can I tell if a test report is an accredited report?

The difference between an accredited tets report and a test report can be detected by looking for the accreditation logo or text that states that the tests in the report has been performed by an accredited laboratory. The accreditation logo may only be used on accredited test reports. An accredited report has to fulfill requirements of ISO 17025.

Is an accredited report valid in another country?

Yes it is. It is called international recognition. For more detailed information click on international recognition in the menu on the left.

Is STRI independent?

The fact that STRI is accredited is a proof for our independence. SWEDAC assesses the independence of laboratories and their competence to perform analysis, tests or calibration within clearly defined areas and using clearly specified methods.

Is STRI using SI-units?

Yes, STRI is using SI units. Since STRI is an Accredited Laboratory we have to use SI-units.

What is accreditation and what does it mean?

Accreditation involves assessment of competence to perform a task. This assessment is carried out in accordance with European and international standards. Accreditation means that SWEDAC recurrently checks to ensure that STRI is competent to perform the tests, analysis, calibration and certification for which it is accredited. Accreditation guarantee that all aspects of any tests are impartial and based on internationally recognised standards.