Cable testing

STRI has powerful cable testing facilities to perform various electrical tests on AC and DC transmission cables systems to meet all present needs, including:

  • Tests of AC cables according to IEC 60840, IEC 62067 and IEEE 48
  • Long term heating cycle voltage tests of AC and DC cable systems
  • Electrical type tests for HVDC cables according to Cigr√© TB 219 or according to Electra 72
  • Prequalification testing of AC and DC cables in a controlled environment.

Combined with STRI’s material and mechanical testing facilities complete type tests on cables and accessories can be performed.

STRI also performs investigation of failures on cables and cable accessories

Temperature Rise Tests

Temperature rise tests are used to make sure that a product does not get overheated during operation.

STRI performs temperature rise tests with currents up to 8000 A AC and 8400 A DC.

The temperature can be registered with loggers handling a great number of channels.

Temperature rise tests can be performed on bushings, instrument transformers, disconnectors and other equipment.

Temperature measurements can also be done without direct contact by a high resolution IR-camera.

STRI also has test tanks for testing of oil/air bushings.

Temperature measurement of overhead line joints with IR-camera.

Tests at Multiple Stresses

STRI has two chambers for AC and DC tests at multiple stresses in accordance with IEC TR 62730.

Environmental factors such as sunlight, rain, humidity, heat, fog and salt fog can easily be controlled.

The chambers are equipped for continuous monitoring of voltage, environmental factorsBoth and leakage current from individual test objects.

Both chambers can run different voltages at the same time.