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Pollution and Environmental Testing

STRI’s climate test hall has one of the highest performances in the world allowing pollution and environmental testing of up to 800 kV HVAC and HVDC equipment.

The maximum test voltage in our climate hall is 900 kV AC and ± 1200 kV DC. PD can be measured at low levels, since external interference levels have been reduced.

Our climate test hall has equipment for controlling the temperature and humidity between –10°C and +55°C. The intensity and conductivity of salt fog can be controlled within wide limits.

The various test systems have unique current loading data to make it possible to make it possible to meet the demands imposed during voltage tests with the simultaneous application of pollution, rain, fog, hoarfrost, snow and different types of ice.


The steam generator is designed to produce 1500 kg/h of steam. The generator has a rating of 1100 kW, the steam temperature is 120°C and the steam pressure 1 bar.


Water of different grades, varying from deionized water to water with a salt content of up to 20 percent, for the rain and fog tests is produced in an automated plant.

The water mixture is distributed to the different test bays and to a steam generator.