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Testing Facilities

STRI’s large test hall can be divided into two test bays enabling different tests to take place simultaneously.

The test halls are provided with highly effective electromagnetic shielding, which gives a very low background level during PD and radio interference measurements.

STRI has equipment for handling SF6 gas and transformer oil.

Test Facilities

Width x length x heigth

  • High voltage test hall, 25 x 37 x 30 m
  • High voltage test hall, 18 x 36 x 21 m
  • High voltage test hall, 18 x 18 x 20 m
  • High voltage test hall, 10 x 13 x 12 m
  • Pollution test hall, Ø18 x 23 m

Diagnostic Tools

STRI has sophisticated equipment for the measurement and registration of different parameters during tests such as:

  • Special photo and video equipment sensitive to UV-light study discharge mechanisms and corona
  • Power quality can be measured by different instruments to localize harmonics and variety of voltage variations
  • Electrical field strength can be measured at high potential with field probes developed by STRI.

Outdoor Testing

STRI’s outdoor test area can be used for short and long term testing of, for example pre-qualification tests of cables.

Control Room

The different sets of test equipment are controlled from three special rooms. These receive their power supply via special isolating transformers to protect the measuring equipment and to ensure that accurate test data are obtained.

Test Equipment

Test: Impulse Testing

Lightning Impulse Testing

Ratings: 2800 kV

Switching Impulse Testing (Wet/Dry)

Ratings: 1850 kV

Test: AC Testing Wet/Dry

Ratings: 1050 kV/1.5 A
Remarks: 50 Hz single phase

Ratings: 550 kV/3.0 A
Remarks:50 Hz single phase

Ratings: 430 kV/2.0 A
Remarks:50 Hz 3-phase

Test: DC Testing* Wet/Dry

Ratings: 1250 kV/0.3 A/2 A
Remarks:continuous current/pulses

* Higher values with bipolar test

Test: Partial Discharge & RIV Testing

Ratings: Same voltage limitations as for AC test

Test: Capacitance & Tan d Testing

Ratings: Same voltage limitations as for AC test

Test: Temperature Rise Testing

Ratings: Up to 7000 A